Lead generation

Lead generation

Pipeline building is what we do best. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients build the sort of pipelines that mean we never have to buy a drink when we’re out with a sales director.

Data marketing
We’re not sure why but it seems a bit unfashionable these days to be talking about buying a list and marketing to it. I guess there are plenty of rouge list brokers out there. For us subscribing to well managed ICT buyer data just makes marketing sense. I can target by job role, renewal dates, legacy systems and seat size. This makes the whole idea of segregating data to create personalised campaigns a lot easier. OK, email marketing may not be as effective as it was 3 years ago but when was the last time you received a letter or invite in the post? It still works.

We can help you source, segment and manage your prospect data in the best way, so you’re not clogging up your CRM system with duplicates, just a single prospect list with lots of very helpful, highly targeted views.

Inbound compelling event marketing
It’s a bit of a mouthful (and we’re still trying to think of a better name) but inbound marketing isn’t really able to capture what we mean. You see inbound marketing can only really happen when you have a ‘compelling event’. A webinar, a download, a great speaker at a great venue with great food, in marketing terms that’s a compelling event. And we need an event to generate inbound leads.

We’ve worked with plenty of inbound marketing tools that help organisations promote an event through SEO, email, social media and share any responses with the sales teams via CRM integration. This sort of automated marketing approach in driving down the cost of inbound lead generation allowing us to focus on the important stuff like jaw dropping messages & “oh my god, I’ve just seen the light” style content

LinkedIN marketing
I bet, right now, in your management team there’s a ‘thought leader’? Someone who could write an industry leading book for under graduates if they weren’t too busy creating revenue? In fact there’s probably a few.

We recognise that trust in companies is lower than it’s ever been. It’s why, when it comes to ‘buy’ decisions we’re more likely to ask a trusted friend than to trust the view of a company.

This is why we’ve delivered great results by using individual ‘though leaders’ LinkedIN profiles. We enhance the profile and network then we engage by providing and influencing a number of groups associated with your ‘thought leader’.

Content marketing & SEO
If you’re a B2B ICT marketer you need content. You need the sort of content that gets read, better still you need content that gets shared across all the social media platforms. To do this you need to introduce your thought leaders to our wordsmiths and video producers and together they’ll make sure your content is dynamite and captures all the SEO keywords you’re after.

It’s boring but it works, but whatever you’re paying now the competition is getting tougher so be prepared to start paying more. Not a great long term marketing strategy.