Our approach

Ch Ch Ch Changes

As B2B ICT marketing specialists our approach is founded on three areas of activity

  • Brand positioningWho are you and why should anyone care?
  • Lead generationGive people a reason to engage with you
  • Lead nurturingBuild your credibility and relationships

In our experience focusing on each these activities has proved to provide a better return on marketing investment. A lack of attention in just one of these areas reduces the chance of optimising your yield. Let us explain.

For many, lead generation is the main interest for any marketing investment. The trouble is without a clear brand message or positioning any lead generation activity will always deliver disappointing response rates. People need to understand who you are and why it’s important to them before they engage with you.

The same goes for lead nurturing. Failure to invest in nurturing your prospects and channel will mean you’ll be┬áspending the same amount (if not more) on lead generation each year. So it just makes sense to build the value of your business as well as your pipeline.

The way we buy has changed
Given that 80% of all B2B buying decisions are initiated online it’s no wonder that many leading B2B brands have given over 60% of their marketing budget to social media marketing and content marketing. This is where behavioural changes take place. By the influencers, the bloggers, the LinkedIn groups, the forums.

Marketing today is more transparent and measurable than every before but it’s success still relies on the traditional skills of disruptive messaging, engaging content all put in the place where your target audience go.

Stay ahead
We where one of the first companies to use live chat tools, we pioneered LinkedIN profiling to increase prospect connections – we’re constantly looking at new ways in which B2B ICT marketers can improve their game. So if we come across new ideas, let us share them with you.

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