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What Can IT Marketers Learn From Apple

I meet with owners of IT companies pretty much every day. Some of these companies are multi nationals, some are small. But all are trying to understand what marketing can do for them.

Many hire telemarketing agencies to drive leads into their business, some run awareness campaigns, some create insightful content, some integrate everything together. The net result is a company that does well amougst it’s competition.

But, when I say I’m an IT marketer, the second or third thing people normally mention is ‘Apple’. Somehow Apple manages to touch the hearts of so many people in a way HP, IBM, Microsoft, SFDC never could.

What was their secret ingredient? What made their products stand out? How could they open a store and get people queing outside? How could their CEO become an icon of our age?

It’s no secret. Steve Jobs knew Apple was more than a manufacturer of technology. He knew there was a bigger story to tell and he did it at a time when his competitors where sticking pictures of their product in their ads. He blew them away.

I found this orginial Apple press conference footage where Steve shares his insight, that for me is still remains a turning point in Branding. Enjoy.

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